Burger & Lobster Menu Price Malaysia (Updated 2024)

Burger & Lobster Menu Price Malaysia (Update 2024)

Welcome to Burger & Lobster Menu Malaysia. It’s in a great location, right in the middle of everything. The Menu at Burger and Lobster is full of yummy foods. Whether you love burgers or prefer the fancy taste of Lobster, there’s something for everyone. Burger & Lobster is the best choice for a great dining time. They use fresh ingredients to make the food taste extra special.

BitsMy the Burger & Lobster Menu guide talks about the delicious items on the Lobster Laksa and tells you the latest prices for each dish. B&L Fries, all info comes directly from the official sources of the restaurant, so it’s accurate and up-to-date. Whether you’re curious about the Menu or excited to try the Mayfair Burger dishes at Lobster Genting, the Burger and Lobster Menu article guides you through a tasty adventure. Come with us as we explore the flavours, prices, and delicious dishes, a fantastic place to eat.

Burger & Lobster Menu 2024


DishesPrices In MYR
Lobster Mac & Cheese48.00
Salted Egg Yolk Prawns & Calamari60.00


DishesPrices In MYR 
The Mayfair Burger68.00
The Original Lobster Roll130.00
The Original Lobster220.00


DishesPrices In MYR
B&L Combo for One270.00
The Sharing Combo for Two385.00
Jumbo LobsterMarket Price


DishesPrices In MYR
The Surf & Turf Roll70.00
Chicken Caesar Roll38.00


DishesPrices In MYR
The B&L Beast Burger85.00
The Smoked BBQ Burger62.00
The Avocado Burger59.00
The Classic Cheeseburger48.00
Texan Waffle Chicken65.00

Special Menu

DishesPrices In MYR
Lobster Laksa90.00


DishesPrices In MYR
B&L Fries10.00
B&L Salad10.00
Salted Egg Yolk Fries23.00
Truffle Fries23.00
Sweet Potato Fries13.00
Coconut Rice12.00


DishesPrices In MYR
Pistacho Tres Leches40.00
Affogato w/ Brownie40.00
Assorted Ice Creams25.00


DishesPrices In MYR
Fountain Drinks12.00
Tonic, Soda and Ginger Ale12.00
Bundaberg Ginger Beer18.00
Acqua Panna20.00
San Pellegrino20.00
Green Tea8.00
Lemon Tea10.00
Earl Grey Tea8.00


DishesPrices In MYR
The B&L Beast Burger85.00
The Surf & Turf Roll70.00
The Mayfair Burger68.00
Lobster Mac & Cheese48.00

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NameBurger and Lobster Menu
CategoryWestern Food
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, Grabfood
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Burger And Lobster restaurants halal in Malaysia?

Yes, both Burger & Lobster restaurants in Malaysia are Halal-certified

How many restaurants do Burger And Lobster have in Malaysia? 

Burger & Lobster has two restaurants in Malaysia, both in popular areas.

What are Burger and Lobster’s opening hours?

The opening hours of Burger & Lobster are 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM.


Burger & Lobster Menu there’s something for everyone, from the mouthwatering Mayfair Burger to the sumptuous Jumbo Lobster, and the irresistible B&L Fries take advantage of this. Head to your nearest hot and roll outlet to savour these fantastic dishes and discover your new favourite meal.

Burger & Lobster Menu Malaysia Location & Opening Hours


Location: Lot SA – T2 – 13, Level 1, SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

Opening Hours:Monday To Sunday(10AM to 12PM)

Location:Lot G46, Ground Floor, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours:Monday To Sunday(10AM to 10PM)

Burger & Lobster Malaysia Reviews

Burger & Lobster Genting
Based on 4433 reviews
powered by Google
Eudy OhEudy Oh
15:08 09 Feb 24
Burger and Lobster Genting impresses with generous portions perfect for sharing, especially if you're a light eater. The menu's simplicity highlights quality ingredients, ensuring every bite is satisfying. Whether indulging in a juicy burger or succulent lobster, flavors are rich and memorable. The vibrant atmosphere adds to the dining experience, making it ideal for gatherings. For those seeking value and flavor, Burger and Lobster Genting delivers on both fronts, promising a memorable meal high up in the clouds.
08:23 28 Dec 23
Glad that we came earlier as the queue were insane after 7pm. The service was fast and efficient and our order got served immediately. Quality of lobsters were great and is a total value for money. The bread that came along with the chili lobster was soooo good and had the right amount of butter.The lobster roll is good too! So much flavour.Can tell that the service here is fast-paced, and after I got to experience Burger & Lobster, I understood why is the queue so long. Would love to be back!
10:31 06 Dec 23
Burger & Lobster is a high end fancy restaurant, and I personally really like the service and atmosphere, and while the food is certainly quite pricey, I really liked how everything had a standard to it. I personally just had their original burger which came with a side of fries and a salad which is nice, also just regular coca-cola. Burger was really juicy and the fries were crispy. Overall, really juicy burgers for a somewhat steep price, would be a 4.4 if I could rate with decimals.
Colleen LowColleen Low
06:43 03 Dec 23
Went twice for their special promotion of lobster run -158rm for a full lobster (steamed or grilled) with 2 sides of salad and shoestring fries.Staff were very kind to seat us early whilst waiting for 2.30pm before we to order the lobster. Limited to 1 order per table.The lobster was fresh with tools provided to crack the shell and scoop out the meat from the two huge pincers. The lemon butter sauce was delicious.
18:25 11 Oct 23
I was really excited when we arrived at Genting Highlands. Dining at Burger & Lobster is one of my bucket list. I read a lot of good reviews and saw pictures about this place. So finally after the long wait, we had our lunch here. I was impressed with their service from start to finish. We are greeted from the door by the staff and after we are seated they immediately ask if we want a water to start with, followed by the menus where in the staff explained and gave recommendations as well.We ordered chilli lobster and burger which is really a big serving and filling. We managed to finished the lobster but I was too full after that. The food was great, good presentation but not that cheap. It’s a little pricey compared to other places here in Malaysia but I would say that it’s worth the price. The ambience, outdoor seating, service plus good food I would say I will come back. The only thing we have noticed it’s the menu options are very small and limited.

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