The Chicken Rice Shop Menu Price Malaysia (Updated 2024)

The Chicken Rice Shop Menu Malaysia

Welcome to the Chicken Rice Shop Menu Malaysia. This place is super popular because it has yummy dishes for everyone. Whether you want a quick Chicken Rice Shop Menu Lunch or a relaxed meal, they’ve got you covered. The Chicken Rice Shop mixes traditional flavors with new ones, making it a favorite for people in Malaysia and visitors too.

BitsMy is not just  talking about the tasty food. We’ve also got the latest prices for each dish, so you know how much things cost. Plus, we’ve added colorful pictures to show you what the food looks like. And the best part? All our info comes straight from The Chicken Rice Shop, so you can trust it to be right. No matter where you are in Malaysia, finding out about The Chicken Rice Shop’s menu and prices is just a click away, making your dining experience easy, convenient, and super delicious.

The Chicken Rice Shop Menu Malaysia 2024

The Chicken Rice Shop Menu can be categorized as :

  • Grilled Butter Chicken
  • Ayam Bakar Oh-Semm
  • Value Meal Set
  • Hainanese Steamed Chicken
  •  Crispy Roast Chicken
  • Soy Sauce Chicken
  • Rice & Noodles
  • Prime Honey BBQ Chicken
  • Hainanese Curry Chicken
  • Nyonya Assam Fish
  • TCRS Signature – Chicken Combi
  • Personal Meal Box
  • Entrees
  • Soups
  • Vegetables
  • Beancurd & Egg
  • Beverages
  • Desserts
  • Best Selling Items at The Chicken Rice Shop Malaysia
  • Alternatives of The Chicken Rice Shop Malaysia
  • History of the Chicken Rice Shop Malaysia
  • Conclusion
  • Contact The Chicken Rice Shop Malaysia

Grilled Butter Chicken

DishesPrice In MYR
Grilled Butter Chicken – Meal A (1 Pax)24.72
Grilled Butter Chicken – Meal B (2 Pax)51.45
Grilled Butter Chicken – Meal C (4 Pax)88.70
Grilled Butter Chicken (Ala Carte)21.86
Berry You Up (Ala Carte)10.40

Ayam Bakar Oh-Semm

DishesPrice In MYR
Ayam Bakar Oh-Semm Set A (1 pax)23.80
Ayam Bakar Oh-Semm Set B (2 Pax)50.50
Ayam Bakar Oh-Semm Set C (4 Pax)95.40
Ayam Bakar Oh-Semm (Quarter Chicken – Ala Carte)20.90
So-Yammy (Ala Carte)10.40
Ayam Bakar Oh-Semm (Half Chicken – Ala Carte)35.25
Ayam Bakar Oh-Semm (Whole Chicken – Ala Carte)66.75

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The Chicken Rice Shop Value Meal Set

DishesPrice In MYR
Hainanese Chicken Rice Meal (Set for 1)19.00
Mighty Meal (Set for 1)20.90
Noodle Meal (Set for 1)19.00
Noodle Meal – Sliced Chicken Noodles [Steamed Chicken] (Set For 1)19.00
Noodle Meal – Sliced Chicken Noodles [Roast Chicken] (Set For 1)19.00
Noodle Meal – Sliced Chicken Noodles [Soy Sauce Chicken] (Set For 1)19.00
Fish Meal (Set for 1)21.85
Double Delight (Set For 2)47.65
Triple Feast (Set For 3)66.75
Family Delight (Set For 4)85.85
Family Fiesta (Set for 5-6)128.80

Hainanese Steamed Chicken

DishesPrice In MYR
Single Hainanese Steamed Chicken (A la Carte)11.35
Hainanese Steamed Chicken (Single Combo Meal)12.30
Quarter Hainanese Steamed Chicken (A la Carte)19.00
Half Hainanese Steamed Chicken (A la Carte)33.35
Whole Hainanese Steamed Chicken (A la Carte)64.85

Crispy Roast Chicken

DishesPrice In MYR
Single Crispy Roast Chicken (A la Carte)11.35
Crispy Roast Chicken (Single Combo Meal)12.30
Quarter Crispy Roast Chicken (A la Carte)19.00
Half Crispy Roast Chicken (A la Carte)33.35
Whole Crispy Roast Chicken (A la Carte)64.85

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The Chicken Rice Shop Soy Sauce Chicken Menu

DishesPrice In MYR
Single Soy Sauce Chicken (Ala Carte)11.35
Soy Sauce Chicken (Single Combo Meal)12.30
Quarter Soy Sauce Chicken (Ala Carte)19.00
Half Soy Sauce Chicken (Ala Carte)33.35
Whole Soy Sauce Chicken (Ala Carte)64.85

Rice & Noodles

DishesPrice In MYR
Hainanese Chicken Rice (Rice Only)3.00
White Rice2.65
Plain Noodles5.25
Sliced Chicken Noodles14.80
Prime Honey BBQ Chicken Noodles14.80
Prime Honey BBQ Chicken Noodles (with Prawn Wanton)17.65
Curry Laksa15.75
Chicken Mushroom Noodles14.80
Sai To Fish Ball with Shredded Chicken Noodles11.00

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Prime Honey BBQ Chicken

DishesPrice In MYR
Prime Honey BBQ Chicken (Single Combo Meal)13.85
Prime Honey BBQ Chicken (A la Carte Large)17.10

Hainanese Curry Chicken

DishesPrice In MYR
Hainanese Curry Chicken (A la Carte Regular)13.25
Hainanese Curry Chicken (Single Combo Meal)14.25
Hainanese Curry Chicken (A la Carte Large)20.55

The Chicken Rice Shop Nyonya Assam Fish Menu

DishesPrice In MYR
Nyonya Assam Fish (Single Combo Meal)13.25
Nyonya Assam Fish20.55

TCRS Signature – Chicken Combi

DishesPrice In MYR
Chicken Combi16.15

Personal Meal Box

DishesPrice In MYR
Personal Meal Box17.90
Personal Meal Box B (Noodles)19.00

The Chicken Rice Shop Entrees Menu

DishesPrice In MYR
Nyonya Pai Tee (4 pcs)8.90
Nyonya Pai Tee (6 pcs)11.85
Crispy Fish Cake with Tangy Thai Sauce11.00
Crispy Wanton (12 pcs)10.50
Crispy Whole Prawn Wanton (6 pcs)13.35
Homestyle Chicken Fritters11.95
Kerabu Mango11.45
Golden Fortune Roll (4 pcs)9.75
Golden Fortune Roll (8 pcs)14.75
Penang Rojak (Regular)9.95
Penang Rojak (Large)12.90
Penang Famous Chicken Rolls11.95

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DishesPrice In MYR
Homestyle Chicken Dumpling (4pcs)8.00
Homestyle Chicken Dumpling (8pcs)12.65
Sai To Fish Ball (6pcs)7.55
Sai To Fish Ball (12pcs)9.95
Famous Stuffed Fish Ball (3pcs)8.90
Famous Stuffed Fish Ball (6pcs)12.50
Whole Prawn Wanton Soup (4pcs)11.00
Whole Prawn Wanton Soup (6pcs)14.35
Wanton Soup (6pcs)7.55
Wanton Soup (12pcs)11.00


DishesPrice In MYR
Ipoh Beans Sprouts (Large)9.45
Ipoh Beans Sprouts (Regular)7.55
Sawi with Oyster Sauce (Regular)9.45
Sawi with Oyster Sauce (Large)10.40
Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce (Regular)10.05
Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce (Large)11.00
Hong Kong Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce (Regular)11.40
Hong Kong Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce (Large)12.35
Spicy Savoury Ladies’ Fingers (Regular)12.30
Spicy Savoury Ladies’ Fingers14.25

The Chicken Rice Shop Beancurd & Egg Menu

DishesPrice In MYR
Braised Egg (Per Piece)2.80
Braised Tofu (Per Piece)3.35
Braised Egg (1pc) & Tofu (1pc)5.70
Tofu with Oyster Sauce8.60
Homestyle Chicken Tofu9.55


DishesPrice In MYR
Dino Choco Malt10.40
Hainan Kopi “O”5.65
Hainan Kopi6.60
White Coffee6.60
Teh “O”5.65
Teh Tarik6.60
Choco Malt6.60
Soya Milk6.60
Fizzy Asam Boi8.50
Tropicana Twister Orange7.55
Ice Lemon Tea7.55
Soya Bean with Grass Jelly7.55
Grass Jelly Drink6.30
Pepsi Black6.60
Soft Drink (7UP)6.60
Soft Drink (MUG Sarsaparila)6.60
Soft Drink (Mountain Dew)6.60
Soft Drink (Mirinda Strawberry)6.60
Chinese Tea3.70
Plain Water0.70
Bleu Mineral Water3.70
Famous Kuching 3 Layer Tea9.45
Lychee Tealicious10.40
Soya Rainbow10.40
Lime Mint Supreme10.40
Berry Jelly Fizz10.40


DishesPrice In MYR
Rainbow Delight (Regular)3.90
Rainbow Delight (Large)6.90
Tropical Delight (with Shave Ice)9.45
Tropical Delight7.90
Penang Cendol9.45
ABC (Ice Kacang)9.45


Yes, all The Chicken Rice Shop restaurants in Malaysia are Halal-certified, making them a great choice for diners seeking Muslim friendly dining options. They use only ingredients and practices that adhere to Islamic dietary guidelines.

Their Hainanese Steamed Chicken Rice is the undisputed classic, but other popular choices include Crispy Roast Chicken Rice, Prime Honey BBQ Chicken Rice, and Hainanese Curry Chicken Rice. Don’t forget their Nyonya Pai Tee and Curry Laksa

They do offer some vegetarian options like Tofu with Oyster Sauce, Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce, and Sai To Fish Ball (Vegetable filling). They also feature dishes like Gado-Gado and Kerabu Mango, which can be made vegetarian upon request.

Portions are generally generous, with most individual dishes being suitable for one person. They also offer Value Meal Sets for 2-4 people, perfect for sharing or a larger appetite.

Yes, many The Chicken Rice Shop locations offer delivery through third-party food delivery platforms like GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Yes, they occasionally introduce limited-time seasonal dishes alongside their regular menu. Keep an eye on their website and social media for updates on the latest offerings.

Prices vary depending on the dish, but most individual entrees fall within the RM10-RM20 range. Value Meal Sets and larger portions naturally cost more.

Pick Your Favourite Meal

Have you discovered all the delicious options on The Chicken Rice Shop Menu? There’s something for everyone, whether it’s the flavorful Grilled Butter Chicken, the classic Hainanese Steamed Chicken, or the comforting Plain Noodles. Visit your nearby outlet to savor these tasty meals and make your dining experience delightful.

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