Cumi Kontena Menu Price Malaysia (Updated 2024)

Cumi Kontena Menu Price Malaysia (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Cumi Kontena Menu Malaysia . Cumi Kontena is a yummy place with many delicious dishes, like seafood and local favorites. People like eating there in Cumi Kontena Alor Setar because the food tastes great. Whether you like seafood or local food, Cumi Kontena is the place for a yummy meal.

BitesMy shows you the tasty food at Cumi Kontena and its price. So, you can pick something delicious to eat without spending too much money. At Cumi Kontena in Langgar Kedah, you get yummy seafood and local favorites. They also have live music or shows sometimes. It’s about the tasty food and having fun while you eat in a lively place.

Cumi Kontena Menu Malaysia 2024

The Cumi Kontena Menu Malaysia can be categorised as

  • Cumi Kontena Light
  • Cumi Kontena Western 
  • Cumi Kontena Nasi Lemak
  • Cumi Kontena Pasta
  • Cumi Kontena Sup Kambing Gearbox
  • Cumi Kontena Goreng Goreng Gearbox
  • Cumi Kontena Mee Bandung
  • Cumi Kontena Chinese Cuisine
  • Cumi Kontena Mocktail
  • Cumi Kontena Neuvo Soda
  • Cumi Kontena Frappe
  • Cumi Kontena Coffee
  • Cumi Kontena Ayaq Penn
  • Cumi Kontena Ayaq Kampung
  • Cumi Kontena Besaq Buah Nala 
  • Cumi Kontena Ayaq Buah
  • Favorite items

Cumi Kontena Light Dishes

DishesPrice in MYR 
Prawn Chinese Hailam Noodles18.00 
Cheesy Meatball Grilled15.00 
Cheesy Wedges8.50 
Nugget Tempura Crispy 8.50 
French Fries 6.80 

Cumi Kontena Western 

DishesPrice in MYR 
Cheesy Lamb Grilled 36.00 
Lamb Grilled 31.50 
Cheesy Chicken Grilled 22.00 
Chicken Grilled 20.50 
Cheesy Chicken Chop21.60 
Fries Chicken Chop20.50 

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Cumi Kontena Nasi Lemak 

DishesPrice in MYR 
Nasi Lemak Lamb Grill32.00 

Cumi Kontena Pasta

DishesPrice in MYR 
Chicken Carbonara16.50 
Lamb Carbonara34.00 
Beef Bolognese16.50 
Bolognese Chicken Grill22.00 
Bolognese Lamb Grill34.00 
Mac & Cheese19.00 
Prawn Aglio Olio20.50 

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Cumi Kontena Sup Kambing Gearbox

DishesPrice in MYR 
Sup Kambing Adik Sayang18.00 
Sup Special Double Shot Gearbox33.00 
Sup Kambing Gearbox Turbo22.00 

Cumi Kontena Goreng Goreng Gearbox

DishesPrice in MYR 
Nasi Goreng Gearbox Kambing 16.50 
Nasi Goreng Double Gearbox30.00 
Nasi Goreng Udang Singapore16.50 MR

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Cumi Kontena Mee Bandung

DishesPrice in MYR 
Mee Bandung Sotong Buncit24.50 
Mee Bandung Gearbox Kambing20.50 
Mee Bandung Udang Singapore16.50

Cumi Kontena Chinese Cuisine

DishesPrice in MYR 
Chicken Vietnam Char Kuey Teow15.00 
Prawn Char Hor Fun18.00 
Chicken Char Hor Fun15.00 
Chicken Vietnam Char Kuey Teow19.00 
Chicken Chinese Hailam Noodles15.00 

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Cumi Kontena Mocktail

DishesPrice in MYR 
Blue Mocktail 11.00
Yellow Mocktail 11.00 
Pink Mocktail 11.00 
Rainbow Mocktail 11.00 
Purple Mocktail 11.00 

Cumi Kontena Neuvo Soda

DishesPrice in MYR 
Neuvo Blue Curacao8.50 
Neuvo Passion Fruit 8.50 
Neuvo Green Apple 8.50 
Neuvo Mango 8.50 
Neuvo Strawberry 8.50 

Cumi Kontena Frappe

DishesPrice in MYR 
Cappuccino Frappe12.50 
Magnum Chocolate Frappe12.50 
Hazelnut Chocolate Frappe12.50 
Oreo Chocolate Frappe12.50 
Mocha Frappe 12.50 
Double Strawberry Frappe12.50 
Vanilla Frappe 12.60 
Green Tea Deluxe Frappe 12.50 
Oreo Vanilla Frappe 12.50 

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Cumi Kontena Coffee

DishesPrice in MYR 
Strawberry Coffee Kampung9.50 
Green Tea Coffee Kampung 9.40 
Mocha 8.50 
Caramel Coffee Kampung 9.50 
Cappuccino 8.50 
Chocolate 8.50 
Green Tea8.50 
Hazelnut Coffee Kampung 8.50 

Cumi Kontena Ayaq Peninnn Meals

DishesPrice in MYR 
Pink panther 8.10 

Cumi Kontena Ayaq Kampung 

DishesPrice in MYR 
Sirap 2.80 
Teh O Lemon Ais3.40 
Teh O Ais2.80 
Teh Ais3.40 

Cumi Kontena Besaq Buah Nala 

DishesPrice in MYR 
Fresh Oren9.50 
Apple 9.50 

Cumi Kontena Ayaq Buah

DishesPrice in MYR 
Laici 6.20 
Fresh Oren 6.20 
Apple 6.20 

BitesMy Favorite items of Cumi Kontena Menu

DishesPrice in MYR 
Nugget Tempura Crispy 8.50 
Fried Chicken Chop20.50 
Bolognese Chicken Grill22.00 
Chicken Carbonara16.50 
Cheesy Meatball Grilled 15.00
Mee Bandung Udang Singapore 16.50 

Contact Cumi Kontena Malaysia

NameCumi Kontena
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, GrabFood, and ShopeeFood
Social Media LinksInstagram, Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Cumi Kontena Malaysia

Yes, Cumi Kontena Malaysia is a halal restaurant.

Yes, Cumi Kontena Menu Malaysia offers delivery through various platforms like GrabFood, Foodpanda, and ShopeeFood. You can check their website or app for availability and delivery options.

Yes, Cumi Kontena Menu Malaysia offers a few vegetarian and vegan options.

The restaurant is open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Monday–Sunday)

Final Words

Come to Cumi Kontena, Malaysia, for amazing food. They have yummy dishes that show off local flavors and tasty seafood. When you visit, it’s not just about eating it’s like going on a yummy adventure! Have fun tasting delicious food in a lively place at Cumi Kontena. It’s where every bite is super tasty and tells a yummy story.

Cumi Kontena Malaysia Locations And Opening Hours

Cumi Kontena Alor Setar

Address: 1A Lot 320 KM, Jln Langgar, Hutan Kampung, 05460 Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Monday-Sunday)

Cumi Kontena Malaysia Review

Cumi Kontena
Based on 619 reviews
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HongMing ChingHongMing Ching
11:45 18 Sep 23
Food taste really nice and they do serve very fast !
nysya syanysya sya
07:25 29 Jan 23
Nice place, we can order via the interactive panel or scan the QR code on the table. We are not ready to order, so we use the QR code. We forgot to pay first and the staff was nice enough to remind us. If we don't pay first, the kitche will not prepare our order. The foods ar3 ok. Tasty and match the price. They were generous with portio and prawns. Mee Bandung tulang also tasty, not too sweet.
Nurul AmalinaNurul Amalina
23:47 09 Jan 23
Nice place and great environment here! Big plate with a large quantity of food! To order, you must scan the QR code and pay. After that, they will serve your food to your table. Not so long to wait. Just for Nasi Lemak Ikan Siakap take a few minutes to get. If you do not have a smart phone or digital device, they also provide a self-service kiosk just like Mcdonald that guide by staff. Overall, service was good, and the food was average. And the public toilet is far from the restaurant and also terrible!
Izaty HamidIzaty Hamid
00:36 09 Jan 23
Carbonara dia sedap betul. Bolognese dia a bit sour, but it’s nice. We orderd bolognese lamb, chicken chop and fish and chips. Semua sedap, rasa dia cukup, tak too salty. Paling sedap is their carbonara. We orderd choc chip magnum frappe, a little sweet to my taste. Price wise is mid-range to me
Ashley Ally WildboyAshley Ally Wildboy
10:18 31 Aug 22
Fish & chips should be serve with lemon tartare sauce.... Not black pepper sauce. Requested.. but not available. Sad!Satay and mee bandung memang sedaplah.. love the seafood aglio olio highly recommended.

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