Steamfun Menu Price Malaysia (Updated 2024)

Steamfun Menu Price Malaysia (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Steamfun Menu, a delightful place to enjoy tasty Halal Chinese delights in Malaysia. The Steamfun menu is filled with delicious options, and one of the specialities is the famous Chee Cheong Fun. Now, you might be wondering what Chee Cheong Fun is. Well, it’s a delicious dish made from rice noodles, and the best part is it’s Halal. So, whether you’re a classic Chee Cheong Fun fan or looking for a Halal option, Steamfun is the best place.

Steamfun Menu has outlets in Ampang where you can savour our mouth-watering Chee Cheong Fun. Steamfun menu offers a variety of options for everyone, ensuring a delightful experience for all taste buds. So, gather your friends and family, come to Steamfun, and treat yourself to the goodness of Halal Chee Cheong Fun in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Steamfun Menu Malaysia 2024

Steamfun Menu can be categorized as:

  • Mains
  • Noodles
  • Signature Rice Rolls
  • Sides
  • Beverages
  • Our Favorite Items


DishesPrice In MYR
Prawn Fried Rice16.90
Tso’s Patin Fish with Jasmine White Rice16.90
Tso’s Chicken with Jasmine Fried Rice15.90
Sweet & Sour Chicken with Jasmine White Rice15.90
Sweet & Sour Patin Fish with Jasmine White Rice16.90
Kung Pao Chicken with Jasmine White Rice15.90
Kung Pao Squid with Jasmine White Rice16.90
Ginger Plum Chicken with Jasmine White Rice15.90
Ginger Plum Patin Fish with Jasmine White Rice16.90
Sze Chuan Chicken with Jasmine White Rice15.90
Jasmine Fried Rice3.50

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DishesPrice In MYR
Prawn Assam Curry Yellow Mee16.90
Prawn Assam Curry Koay Teow16.90

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DishesPrice In MYR
Rice Roll A14.90
Rice Roll B14.90
Rice Roll C12.90
Rice Roll D12.90
Rice Roll E12.90
Rice Roll F11.90
Rice Roll G10.90
Rice Roll H10.90
Rice Roll I9.90
Rice Roll J7.00
Rice Roll Peanut Sauce9.90
Rice Roll Chicken Floss12.90


DishesPrice In MYR
Prawn Fritters8.00

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DishesPrice In MYR
Black Soya Milk4.00
Chrysanthemum Tea4.00
Cincau Pandan4.50
Black Soya Milk with Grass Jelly5.50
Black Soya Milk with Peach Gum7.00

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DishesPrice In MYR
Prawn Fritters8.00
Prawn Assam Curry Yellow Mee16.90
Jasmine White Rice3.50
Rice Roll Chicken Floss12.90

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Contact Steamfun Malaysia

NameSteamfun Menu
CategoryChinese Food
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, Grabfood
Social Media LinksInstagram, Facebook

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Steamfun is proud to serve delicious and Halal Chinese dishes. 

You can find Steamfun outlets in different places, including Ampang.

Yes, Steamfun Provides delivery services.

Steamfun opens and closes every day from 10 am to 9 pm.

Steamfun is famous for its Chee Cheong Fun, a yummy dish made from rice noodles. 

Final Words

I visited Steamfun in Malaysia, and it was amazing. The food was super tasty, especially their famous Chee Cheong Fun, you have to try it. The restaurant is Halal, which is great, and they have outlets in different places, including Ampang. The staff is friendly, and the service is quick. I love that they offer delivery, too, making it convenient for everyone. I highly recommend Steamfun to all my friends and family. It’s a must-visit restaurant for delicious Halal Chinese food and a fantastic dining experience.

Steamfun Menu Malaysia Location & Opening Hours

Spectrum Shopping Mall

Location: Spectrum Shopping Mall, Ground Floor, CW-3, Cafe Walk, Jalan Wawasan 4/7, Bandar Baru Ampang, 68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (10:00 AM To 9:00 PM)

Steamfun Malaysia Reviews

Based on 535 reviews
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Mr GarnMr Garn
10:13 16 Jan 24
Check out the menu please, the rice rolls itself are inviting with different fillings. Just choose which one is to your liking and enjoy!The place is compact but clean with helpful staff.A lot of online orders recived, dine in is practical on weekdays.On the weekend this place is swarmed by patrons.So if you are here on weekend during peak hours and you are expecting a diva treatment from the staff, then well done ..... You are a diva 😋Love the food ad the smiley staff 👍👍👍
Lovenia AmiraLovenia Amira
02:55 06 Jan 24
Utterly disappointed. I've tasted better steamed rice rolls. Price is also unreasonable considering they used low quality ingredients. Taste is ABSOLUTELY bland unless eaten with their sambal but that's it. It's not seasoned well at all. I simply believe this place is overhyped. This is my first and final time to eat here. Definitely felt cheated eating here and left with no sense of satisfaction.
maddy mmaddy m
09:12 17 Nov 23
We went on Friday night, had to queue for a bit but it was worth the wait. Other than Rice Roll B (Freshly Made Steamed Plain Rice Roll With Prawns, Minced Chicken, Kampung Egg & Lettuce) we got Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice, Ginger Plum Chicken with rice and Prawn Fried rice. Love them so much we went back the next Tuesday night!
Qistina Syasya MaslanQistina Syasya Maslan
13:45 03 Aug 23
The shop is located by the roadside between Zus and Tealive. Ample parking, lots of choices and generous fillings. Around RM 27 for two people. Will come back for more.
admin saadmin sa
15:18 12 May 23
I am happy to try the food. Because hungry. I don't know the concept 'Order here at Counter'. I thought 1st they come to get my order. Haiyaaaa. My apologies. But the counter lady just ignore me. Because 1st time so i dont know. I think for my opinion she need change the attitude (friendly). For the 1st time customer. Not the regular customer. I ordered 3 dish. I try curry laksa. For me as a Chinese. The curry not acceptable. Maybe not my taste. The taste i dont know how to explain. The chicken rice ok. The cheong chee fun acceptable. I think too much flavours (pak aji) or my tongue problem, because later my throat dry & dehydrated. Please drink more water. But for the person who want to try, please come don't worries. because our taste different. I recommended. And yes indeed halal. Later i visit again. Ok bye

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