Bucolic Cafe Menu & Price Malaysia (Updated 2024)

Welcome to Bucolic Cafe Menu, where delicious food meets affordable prices in Malaysia! Our menu offers a variety of tasty dishes, from our famous Fritte Platter to amazing coffee. It mixes local and international flavours, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

At Bitesmy, we describe our yummy dishes and give you the latest prices from Bucolic Cafe. Plus, we’ve got beautiful pictures of each dish so you can see what you’re ordering. Whether you love trying new foods or want to stick to your budget, our menu guide has everything you need for a great dining experience.


Bucolic Cafe Menu Malaysia can be categorised as Appetisers, Soup, Pizza, Pasta, Mains, Sides, Desserts, and Beverages.

Bucolic Cafe Appetisers Menu 

DishesPrice In MYR
Fritte Platter44.00
Gambas Peperoncino50.00
Rocket Prawn28.00
Fabulous Wing34.00
Calamari Fritte22.00
Pepate De Cozze30.00
Cazuela Mariscos34.00
Garden Salad18.00
Backed Cheesy Meatballs20.00
Olive Truffle Bruschetta20.00
Eggplant Tomato Baked Egg18.00
Classic Caesar Salad20.00
Tomato Bruschetta12.00
Sauteed Wild Mushroom18.00
Chicken Fritte18.00
Butter Mediterranean Veg18.00

Soup Bucolic Cafe Menu

DishesPrice In MYR
Cream of Mushroom14.00
Clam Chowder18.00

Bucolic Cafe Pizza

DishesPrice In MYR
Ultimate Meat Lover28.00
All Time Favourite18.00
The Vegan20.00

Pasta Menu

DishesPrice In MYR
Mac & Cheese17.00
Aglio Olio17.00

Bucolic Cafe Mains  Menu

DishesPrice In MYR
Double Braised Short Rib44.00
Trilogy of Duck40.00
Crisp Seared Salmon34.00
Pan Seared Seabass30.00
Marinated Grilled Chicken24.00
Grilled Beef57.00
Chicken Roulade27.00
Stuffed Lamb Loin47.00

Bucolic Cafe Sides Menu

DishesPrice In MYR
Dauphinoise Potato (1pc)18.00
Garlic Bread10.00
Mashed Potato10.00
Potato Wedges10.00
Cheesy Potato Croquette (1pc)7.00

Desserts Menu Price

DishesPrice In MYR
Mixed Nutty Semifreddo14.00
Burnt-Cheese Cupcake14.00
Chocolate Budino18.00

Bucolic Cafe Beverages

DishesPrice In MYR
Milk Chocolate13.00
Iced Shaken Tea13.00
Hazelnut Chocolate15.00
Apple Juice11.00
Matcha Latte12.00
Cranberry Juice11.00
Freshly Squeezed Citrus Juice19.00

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NameBucolic Cafe Menu
CategoryItalian Food
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bucolic Cafe is known for its Italian-Asian fusion cuisine, offering a unique twist on familiar dishes.

There’s limited information available online regarding Bucolic Cafe’s menu. However, some sources mention they offer breakfast options.

Final Words

Bucolic Cafe, every dish tells a flavorful story of local culinary delights. It’s crispy and tasty, with all sorts of yummy things to try. Then there’s the Cream of Mushroom soup, which is like a warm hug for your taste buds. And who can forget about Mac & Cheese? It’s creamy, cheesy, and oh-so-comforting. So, grab a fork and dig in! These dishes are sure to make your taste buds happy. Enjoy!

Bucolic Cafe Malaysia Location

Address: Lot 33-1 Block 6, Setia Avenue,, Jalan Setia Prima S U13/S, Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

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