Dunkin’ Donuts Menu & Prices Malaysia (Updated 2024)

Dunkin’ Donuts Menu Malaysia

Welcome to Dunkin’ Donuts, where deliciousness is served with a smile. Dunkin’ Donuts is a fun place with many tasty treats for everyone to enjoy. You’ll find their stores all around, and when you walk in, the menu is like a dessert wonderland. From classic glazed doughnuts that melt in your mouth to doughnuts with colorful sprinkles, there’s a sweet treat for every taste. But Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t just about doughnuts. They also have breakfast sandwiches perfect for a quick and yummy start to your day. Remember to pair your treats with a cup of their tasty coffee or another refreshing drink.

So, if you’re in the mood for something sweet or need a quick breakfast pick-me-up, Dunkin’ Donuts has got you covered. Treat yourself to the joy of delightful doughnuts and delicious drinks, a tasty adventure waiting for you at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts Menu

  • Donuts
  • Special Donuts
  • Sandwiches & Combos
  • Cookies
  • Carnival Sets
  • Limited Time Offering Prices
  • Beverages
  • Merchandise
  • Favorites


DishesPrice in MYR
Sugar Raised3.30
Boston Kreme3.68
Mr. Happy3.68
Black Forest3.68
Strawberry Frosted3.68
Oreo Moment3.68
Cheezy Cheese3.68
Choc Pudding3.68
Bavarian Filled3.68
Hazelnut Filled3.68
Strawberry Filled3.68
Blueberry Filled3.68
Gummy Drops3.68
Color Candy3.68
Triple Choc3.68
Vanilla Choc Almond3.68
Nutty Choc3.68
Rocky Road3.68
Vanilla Latte3.68
Choco Butternut3.68
Box of 3 Donuts11.00
Box of 6 Donuts20.30
Box of 9 Donuts29.45
Box of 12 Donuts38.50

Special Donuts

DishesPrice in MYR
Big Boss Sugar Raised6.50
Big Boss Black Forest6.50
Big Boss Strawberry Frosted6.50
Big Boss Mr. Happy6.50

Sandwiches & Combos

DishesPrice in MYR
Smoked Chicken Breast11.90
Chicken Mayo11.90
Chicken Slice n’ Cheese11.90
Blackpepper Roasted Chicken11.90


DishesPrice in MYR
Choc Chip Cookies16.04
Double Choc Chip Cookies16.04
Butterscotch Chip Cookies16.04
Cranberry Cookies16.04
Cookies Triple Pack46.23

Carnival Sets

DishesPrice in MYR
24 Donuts + 1 Donut Stand87.80
36 Donut + 1 Donut Stand125.50

Limited Time Offering Prices

DishesPrice in MYR
Choco Tree3.68
Red Velvet Choco Cake3.68
Vanilla Frosted3.68
Belgian Biscof3.68


DishesPrice in MYR
Fuze Tea Ice Lemon Tea3.60
Coke Classic3.60
Fuze Tea Jasmine Green Tea3.60
Coke Zero3.60
Fuze Tea Ice Passionfruit Tea3.60
Minute Maid Pulpy Orange5.20
100 Plus3.60
Minute Maid Pulpy Mango5.20
Minute Maid Pulpy Tropical5.20
Mineral Water3.20


DishesPrice in MYR
Espresso Coffee Bean54.90
DD Tumbler S/Steel 24oz Black92.45
Dunkin’ Travel Tumbler (0.5L) 304 Stainless Steel64.15
Dunkin’ Thermal Tumbler (0.55L) 304 Stainless Steel73.58
Non Woven Bottle Bag2.83
Donuts Tier16.98


DishesPrice in MYR
Bavarian Filled3.68
Boston Kreme3.68
Chicken Mayo Sandwich11.80
Double Choc Chip Cookies16.04

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Dunkin’ Donuts Malaysia offers a variety of flavors, including classic glazed, chocolate frosted, and seasonal specialties. Check their menu for the latest options.

Are there any vegetarian or halal options available?

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts in Malaysia provides vegetarian and halal-certified options. They prioritize meeting dietary preferences and requirements.

Can I pre-order donuts for events or special occasions?

Many Dunkin’ Donuts outlets in Malaysia offer pre-order services for events or special occasions. Contact your local store for details on customization and availability.

Final Words

This article discusses how important it is to understand and care about each other. It shows that our relationships become stronger when we listen and connect with others. It’s like weaving a beautiful friendship blanket. We should be kind and try to understand each other despite differences. One tasty dish that I recommend is Glazed Salmon. It’s yummy and has a sweet and savory flavor you will remember

Dunkin’ Donuts Malaysia Location

Ampang, Selangor

Address: Industrial Area, Lot 4, Lorong Enggang 37, Hulu Kelang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday 8:30 AM – 6:15 PM

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