Shunka Menu Malaysia Price (Updated 2024)

Shunka Menu

Welcome to the Shunka Menu. Shunka makes yummy food using fresh ingredients from nearby farms and fishermen. Try their colorful sushi rolls and tasty grilled dishes. Whether you pick a chef’s unique or favorites, each dish mixes old and new flavors. Visit Shunka Malaysia for a delicious adventure in Japanese food. Check the latest prices here at BitesMY.

Shunka Malaysia Menu – 2024

Shunka Menu Malaysia can be categorized as

Shunka Sushi Menu With Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Kumori Sushi Set26.90
Kiri Sushi Set32.90
Hare Sushi Set16.90
Ame Sushi Set25.90
Suzushii Set28.90

Shunka Snacks Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Tori No Karaage18.90
Ika Batayaki47.90
Shishamo Karaage18.90
Pirikara Sake Kawa15.90
Cheese Tamagoyaki12.50
Unagi Sushi Katsu17.90
Yaki Gyoza16.90
Salmon Onigiri10.90

Shunka Donburi Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Kimchi Fried Rice18.90
Gyu Don29.90
Buta Kimchi Don22.90
Pork Katsu Don23.00
Shimeiji Batayaki Don29.90
Garlic Fried Rice12.90
Yakiniku Pork Don27.90
Oyako Don21.90
Teriyaki Chicken Don35.90
Pirikara Sake Don32.90

Shunka Bento Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Spicy Bulgogi38.90
Sushi Moriawase44.90
Tori Teriyaki38.90
Saba Shio Yaki26.90
Sake Mentai Yaki56.90

Shunka Vegetarian Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Yasai Itame15.90
Yasai Salad20.90
Yasai Chahan14.90

Shunka Noodles Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Kitsune Soba22.90
Yaki Soba19.90
Omu Yaki Soba22.90
Kitsune Udon19.90
Tonkotsu Ramen33.90
Kimchi Udon/Ramen39.90

Shunka Beverages Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Ginger Lemonade Cold9.10

Our Favorite Items Of Shunka Malaysia

DishesPrice In MYR
Omu Yaki Soba22.90
Kitsune Udon19.90
Buta Kimchi Don22.90
Kimchi Fried Rice18.90

Final Words

Explore Shunka’s diverse menu, featuring dishes like the Dragon Roll, Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, Rainbow Sashimi Platter, and Beef Bulgogi Stir-Fry. Our chef’s specialties promise a flavorful journey. Visit our outlets for a cozy atmosphere, and savor every delicious bite at Shunka.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shunka Menu Malaysia

What type of cuisine does Shunka offer?

Shunka serves a variety of Japanese cuisine, specializing in sushi, sashimi, and other traditional Japanese dishes made with fresh ingredients and authentic flavors.

Does Shunka offer any gluten-free options?

Gluten-free options might be available, but it’s important to inform the staff of your dietary restrictions when ordering. They can guide you to the appropriate dishes.

What are the operating hours of Shunka Malaysia?

The opening hours of the Shunka Malaysia during the week are Monday To Sunday  (11:30 AM –  9:00 PM) 

Shunka Malaysia Location and Opening Hours

Address: 23, Jalan Vervea 5, Bandar Cassia, 14110 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday  11:30 AM –  9:00 PM

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