Dookki Menu Price Malaysia (Updated 2024)

Dookki Menu Malaysia

Welcome to Dookki Menu Malaysia. They’ve got a menu full of yummy Korean dishes that won’t cost you a fortune. Whether you’re into hot pots or barbecues, Dookki has something for everyone, and the best part is it won’t break the bank. With Prices that won’t leave your wallet empty, Dookki is the go-to spot for a delicious yet affordable meal.

We at BitesMy talk about the delicious food at Dookki but also give you the latest Prices in Malaysia. We have pictures of each dish to see precisely. You’ll be munching on everything we share, which comes straight from Dookki’s official sources so that you can trust it. So, come along and discover the tasty treats and great Prices that make Dookki a top pick for food in Malaysia.

Dookki Menu Malaysia 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Dookki halal in Malaysia?

Dookki in Malaysia is not officially Halal certified by Jakim, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia.

How many restaurants does Dookki have in Malaysia?

Dookki currently operates 4 active restaurants in Malaysia, situated in One Utama, MyTown Shopping Mall, IOI City Mall, and Setia City Mall.

What are the opening hours of the Dookki Restaurants?

Most of the Dookki restaurants operate from 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

Final Words

Dookki in Malaysia is your spot for delicious and affordable food. With locations at One Utama, MyTown, IOI City, and Setia City Mall, Dookki serves up tasty Korean dishes, including the famous Dookki Topokki. Whether you’re into barbecue or hot pots, Dookki’s got something for everyone, all at a wallet-friendly price. For a quick and yummy food adventure, head to Dookki and take advantage of their must-try Dookki Topokki.

Dookki Malaysia Locations And Opening Hours

Dookki  IOI City Mall

Location: L1-12B, IOI City Mall, IOI Resort, City Lebuh IRC, 62502, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 11:30 AM To 10:00 PM (Monday-Sunday)

MyTown Shopping Mall

Location: L2-026, Level 2, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, 6, Jalan Cochrane, Seksyen 90, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 11:300 AM To 10:00 PM (Monday-Sunday)

One Utama

Location: 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM To 10:00 PM (Monday-Sunday)

Setia City Mall

Location:  Lot LG, Sek U13, 105, Persiaran Setia Dagang, Bandar Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 11:30 AM To 10:00 PM (Monday-Sunday)

Dookki Malaysia Reviews

Nabilah SairiNabilah Sairi
10:11 03 Feb 24
Steamboat korean, don't expect common steamboat buffet like others and enjoy discover korean steamboat buffet ingredient
Adlina Nor AkmalAdlina Nor Akmal
13:58 05 Jan 24
All the food is delicious and satisfying to eat. That day, the opening time was early so the fried chicken couldn't get cold. Think you can eat it fresh, think about it. The cheese chicken is seriously delicious.Sushi n mandu is delicious. I like glass noodles the most. With fried rice that we make ourselves with extra gravy. Seriously, crazy full. That day I had to spend everything because I was afraid of being charged extra haha.But there is just less. There is not much menu. I don't know what to take because it's not interesting. Topokki with frozen balls, don't take a lot because that stuff makes us full quickly because it's starchy.It's better to have a lot of side dishes like sushi, fried chicken, with fried rice. Because that's all goodWill repeat again but with another person lol haha
10:36 01 Jan 24
Sedapp! Layanan dia tak pernah mengecewakan, siap bagi ice cream bila kita dah habis makan. Thank you for your good service, surely will come again!Bagi yang tak pernah makan dekat sini, dont worry, they will teach you and tell you the procedure, they will ask you to choose the sauce either spicy or medium or not spicy at all, then you can choose any food that you like. Semua ada dekat situ. From noodles, rice, tteobokki, mushroom and many more.^^
Alani FatiniAlani Fatini
11:28 29 Dec 23
very not recommended, if you want to eat dooki better go to other branches. yesterday i went to have dinner they didn't even restock their fried chicken, and it's only 9pm and they've already asked us if we have anything else that we want, bcs they want to keep everything already??? at least wait until 930? and their food selection is reducing, i've come to notice that there's no enoki mushrooms or cheese tofu anymore. overall super disappointing. don't come here. save your money and go to another store pls.
Yu Chen PuahYu Chen Puah
11:03 07 Dec 23
10:58 18 Sep 23
I love the foood, super yummy. But, i added a cheese ring for like i think 18 ringgit? But the cheese was super hard and tough till i had to pull it out with my spoon? I thought it’ll turns out like the kfry one that i could wrap my chicken. However, i will come again for the food but not for the cheese ring
nurul iffah roslannurul iffah roslan
13:53 03 Sep 23
The food is nice.. but you need your skill on how to make your own perfect dishes based on your own taste. They serve buffets for all the ingredients. There are also a variety of flavours of fried food such as chicken wings,wonton and fried dumplings. You can also choose the sauce since they provide types of sauces there. The sauces are the key for your kimchi fried rice satisfaction.
If you like Korean style steamboat, this could be one of the places to come.Just that it's more like a combo of Yong Tau Fu (Chinese) & Oden (Japanese) stuff in Korean sauce & gravy, upscaled with cheese ring. So you have a kinda mix of all three East Asian cuisines in one.Nevertheless, they dont have selection of meats like in Seoul Garden. So if you crave for meat steamboat, this is not the place for you.At the end of your meals time, you can mixed the leftover with rice to make Korean Style fried rice.
08:02 03 Aug 22
I tried their new cream sauce and i really love it! It tasted like pink samyang which i like! There are variety of sushi and fried chickens to choose from!
Adrian ChauAdrian Chau
13:19 10 Jul 22
Korean buffet, reasonable price but not many choice of food. Kimci chili taste ok, sup abit sweetie.

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