Mix and Fuse Menu Price Malaysia Updated 2024

Mix and Fuse Malaysia Menu Price List

Welcome to Mix & Fuse Menu, a restaurant that serves delicious and unique dishes that mix the best of Malaysian and international flavours. Mix & Fuse Menu has traditional Malaysian food and also international dishes like burgers and Pad Thai.

Mix & Fuse’s menu is a blend of traditional Malaysian dishes and international cuisine. Mix and Fuse Restaurant has a signature Nasi Lemak burger that’s very popular. If you’re a fan of Pad Thai, you can also find it on our menu below.

Mix And Fuse Menu Price Malaysia 2024

Mix and Fuse Malaysia’s menu can be categorized as:

  • Today’s Recommendation
  • Pasta 
  • Signature Rice Bowls
  • Vegetarian
  • Snack Box
  • Promotions

Today’s Recommendation

DishesPrice In MYR
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl15.90
Smoked Duck Rice Bowl15.90
M&F Grilled Salmon Rice Bowl16.90

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Pasta Menu

DishesPrice In MYR
Chicken Bolognese Bowl15.90
Smoked Duck Carbonara Bowl16.90
Salmon Carbonara17.90

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Signature Rice Bowls

DishesPrice In MYR
Smoked Duck Rice Bowl15.90
Cheesy Chicken Rice Bowl15.90
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl15.90
M&F Grilled Salmon Rice Bowl16.90
Honey Butter Chicken Rice Bowl14.90
Curry Chicken Chop Rice15.90
Black Pepper Chicken Rice14.90
Thai Sauce Fish Fillet Rice15.90
Curry Lava Fried Chicken Rice15.90
Tomato Salsa Chicken Chop Rice Bowl15.90

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Vegetarian Menu

DishesPrice In MYR
Curry Beyond Meat Rice Bowl15.90
Thai Style Beyond Meat Rice Bowl15.90
Kimchi Beyond Meat Rice Bowl15.90
Black Pepper Beyond Meat Rice Bowl15.90

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Snack Box

DishesPrice In MYR 
Wedggets Box (Wedges + Nuggets)12.00
Friggets Box (Fries + Nuggets)12.00
Smiley Nugget Box12.00
Cheese Sauce5.00

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DishesPrice In MYR
Black Pepper Chicken Rice Bowl x 5 + Free 174.50
Cheesy Chicken Rice Bowl x 5 + Free 179.50
Curry Chicken Chop Rice Bowl x 5 + Free 179.50
Curry Lava Chicken Rice Bowl x 5 + Free 179.50
Honey Butter Chicken Rice Bowl x 5 + Free 174.50
M&F Grilled Salmon Rice Bowl x 5 + Free 184.50
Smoked Duck Rice Bowl x 5 + Free 179.50
Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl x 5 + Free 179.50
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl x 5 + Free 179.50
Thai Style Chicken Rice Bowl x 5 + Free 174.50
Tomato Salsa Chicken Rice Bowl x 5 + Free 179.50
Plant-Based Chargrilled Pieces with Black Pepper Sauce x 5 + Free 179.50
Plant-Based Schnitzel with Curry Sauce79.50
Plant-Based Chargrilled Pieces with Kimchi x 5 + Free 179.50
Plant-Based Schnitzel with Thai Sauce x 5 + Free 179.50

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Mix & Fuse Restaurant locations?

There are currently 1 Mix & Fuse Restaurant locations in Malaysia: one in Cheras and one in Sungai Long.

What are Mix & Fuse Restaurant’s operating hours?

The Cheras location is open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, while the Sungai Long location is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Does Mix & Fuse Restaurant have any halal options?

Have you discovered our favourites on the menu?”

Here are some of my favourite dishes, Curry Beyond Meat Rice Bowl, Thai Style Beyond Meat Rice Bowl, and Kimchi Beyond Meat Rice Bowl. Mix & Fuse is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking to experience the unique blend of Malaysian and international flavours. Their menu offers a variety of options, including vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a delicious meal.

Mix and Fuse Menu Malaysia Locations And Opening Hours

Following are the 1 Mix and Fuse Malaysia Menu locations and opening hours:

Mix & Fuse Restaurant – Cheras

Location: No, 20, 1, Jalan Menara Gading 1, Taman Connaught, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (11:00 AM To 9:00 PM)

Mix and Fuse Review

Hooichin ChengHooichin Cheng
04:55 10 Mar 24
Regular place to hang out on Sunday for lunch.The price range is from RM 14.90 to RM 16.90. Top up RM 2, you can have a refillable beverage, either cold or hot from self-service counter.Their Curry Lava Chicken Ricebowl is quite popular, Japanese curry with potatoes and salads plus 3 pcs of fried chicken.Today, I had their Tomato Salsa Chicken Chop rice bowl. Should have expected it is not that great as I am quite picky. It seems that the tomato salsa sauce is made from bottled tomato puree or readymade pasta sauce. Not a good choice for me.
06:11 18 Feb 24
Tau EQTau EQ
14:31 06 Feb 24
The service attitude was poor.The waiter took away my phone without notice and returned it rudely. Food tastes average.
08:18 02 Feb 24
Simple cafe with good prices. Great for students in the area. Carbonara is very nice. Refillable drinks available for plain water, ice lemon tea, Miranda, Pepsi, etc
07:49 24 Dec 23
Yokefu WokYokefu Wok
03:08 15 Nov 23
YW ChuaYW Chua
11:42 12 Oct 23
A niche restaurant during the off peak hour, serve different kind of food . RM2 add on of unlimited drink but the cup is small. The curry is delicious and chicken is tender enough. A lot of student during peak hours, might too noisy if they too high.
danny tandanny tan
07:10 17 Sep 23
Love the set meal. Simple yet easy to choose. But shop is on first floor so for some elderly folks might be a challenge.
scott Sawscott Saw
15:04 15 Sep 23
Has Facebook introduced you to it? Have you ever been there?
Man KhamMan Kham
12:29 10 Sep 23
I arrived at about 8 o'clock on Sunday, and there were not many people... There were many seats to choose from. I don't know if it was because I didn't know how to eat... The salmon and eggs in my salmon rice bowl were cold, but the rice was hot. ~ Another portion The pasta is good and worth trying👍
Sze Hui LimSze Hui Lim
12:12 07 May 23
Simple and nice. Well balanced food with rice or pasta, protein and salad. Not crowded and add rm2 for unlimited drinks. Carbonara tastes good.
Jasmine LeeJasmine Lee
13:43 27 Apr 23
Nice food with affordable price!Add RM2 and can get free flow of drinks!Strongly recommend to those who stay near Tmn Connaught
Clement ChiaClement Chia
05:34 09 Sep 22
The environment is great, food is quite enjoyable, it's nothing special but it's just a great meal overall, drinks with unlimited refills for cheap. Prices are a bit on the slightly expensive side due to a relatively small portion size but it is reasonable, can't complain with RM19.50 for my meal of a teriyaki chicken rice bowl and bottomless drinks. Overall, recommend if any one just wants a solid meal in a place to chill and hang out.

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