Plantinggg Burger Menu Price Malaysia (Updated 2024)

Plantinggg Burger Malaysia Menu Price

Welcome to Plantinggg Burger, one of the most popular burger joints in Malaysia. This restaurant has been serving up delicious burgers since its inception in 2010. It was started by a group of friends who were passionate about creating unique and flavorful burgers that would satisfy the cravings of burger lovers across the country.

At Plantinggg Burger Menu, you’ll find a wide variety of burgers to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cheeseburger or something more adventurous like a spicy chicken burger, this restaurant has got you covered. They also offer vegetarian and vegan options, including a delicious tofu burger.

Plantinggg Burger Menu Malaysia 2024

Plantinggg Burger Menu can be categorized as:

  • Mains
  • Zinger Burgers
  • Beef Burgers
  • Chicken Burgers
  • Oblong and Mixed Oblong.

Plantinggg Burger Main Menu

DishesPrice In MYR 
Zinger Mac and Cheese18.00
Zinger Double Mac and Cheese24.00

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Zinger Burgers Menu

DishesPrice In MYR 
Zinger Burger10.50
Zinger Burger and Cheese13.50
Zinger Burger Double16.50
Zinger Burger Double and Cheese19.50

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Beef Burgers Menu

DishesPrice In MYR 
Beef Burger7.50
Double Beef Burger9.75
Double Beef Mac and Cheese18.00
Double Beef Mac and Cheese Combo22.50
Plantinggg Burger Menu Malaysia Price List

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Chicken Burgers Menu

DishesPrice In MYR 
Chicken Burger7.50
Double Chicken Burger9.75

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Oblong Menu

DishesPrice In MYR 
Oblong Ayam and Fries10.50
Oblong Ayam Double and Fries15.00
Oblong Daging and Fries10.50
Oblong Daging Double and Fries15.00
Oblong Kahwin and Fries15.00
Oblong Kambing and Fries13.50
Oblong Kambing Double and Fries22.50

Mixed Oblong Menu

DishesPrice In MYR 
Oblong Ayam Mac and Cheese16.50
Oblong Ayam Mac and Cheese Combo21.00
Oblong Daging Mac and Cheese16.50
Oblong Daging Mac and Cheese Combo21.00
Oblong Kambing Mac and Cheese19.50
Oblong Kambing Mac and Cheese24.00

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Plantinggg Burger Malaysia?

It is a fast-casual burger restaurant chain in Malaysia that serves a variety of burgers, mac and cheese burgers, and sides.

What are the operating hours?

The Cheras location is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, while the Sungai Long location is open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

What are some popular dishes?

Some of Plantinggg Burger Malaysia’s popular dishes include the Zinger Burger, the Zinger Double, the Zinger Mac & Cheese, the Zinger Double Mac & Cheese, and the Zinger Cheese.

Does This Restaurant have any vegetarian options?

Yes, Plantinggg Burger Malaysia has a vegetarian burger option.

Does Plantinggg Burger have any halal options?

Yes, Plantinggg Burger is a halal-certified restaurant.

Final Words

Plantinggg Burger is a popular burger joint in Malaysia that has been serving delicious burgers since 2010. Their menu offers a wide variety of options, from classic cheeseburgers to spicy chicken burgers, and they also cater to vegetarians and vegans with their tofu burgers. If you’re a burger lover, Plantinggg Burger is definitely worth a visit.

Plantinggg Burger Malaysia Menu Locations And Opening Hours

Following are the 1 locations and opening hours:

Planting Burger Kangar

Location: r, R1, Jalan Raja Syed Alwi, Kampung Bukit Lagi, 01000 Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia

Business Hours: Monday To Sunday (10:00 AM To 10:00 PM)

Plantinggg Burger Outlet’s Reviews

We have compiled some of the most popular reviews of Plantinggg Burger outlets.

Plantinggg Burger
Based on 82 reviews
powered by Google
Sulia ASulia A
13:47 09 Mar 24
Burger joint in Kangar...Wow... this King King burger & Godzilla burger is way too much... probably enough for family of four. This place is good for those really hungry for burger...The burger taste was okay but the mac & cheese need to improve... just not only quantity but must also came with quality...Reasonable price & friendly chef at the grill... 🍔🍔🍔
Anwar Fikri IbrahimAnwar Fikri Ibrahim
15:27 16 Feb 24
The taste of the burger is very premium and the price is very reasonable... Mac n cheese is very good
Encik Amin DinEncik Amin Din
04:31 04 Feb 24
Muhamad BakryMuhamad Bakry
10:58 27 Jan 24
It's a really good burger in the Perlis area, the price is reasonable with portoin to eat, we came in the afternoon it wasn't very busy opposite the petron of his shop
13:56 27 Dec 23
razin azaharrazin azahar
11:20 19 Dec 23
His macaroni lacks flavor and the cheese patty he cooks is a lot too dry in 2020, it will be even tastier than it is now
Wiez _Wiez _
19:28 12 Dec 23
Khairul SyafiqKhairul Syafiq
14:12 07 Dec 23
Solid burger. Gotta add mac n cheese. Just picked up.
Puteri BungaPuteri Bunga
12:24 29 Nov 23
James HHHWJames HHHW
15:23 22 Dec 22
Went around 10pm on a Thursday night. Full house! The godzilla and king kong burger were both finished 😭 but no matter, i ordered burger kambing oblong. Honestly was soo good. Waited a little long (half hour) but its worth the wait. Both that, and full house on thursday night 10pm shows a lot of other ppl agree the burgers are fantastic! Whem Im back in perlis, will definitely come back again.
Nazmi NazriNazmi Nazri
06:14 05 May 22
Big portion food. One set can share up to 3 people. Not serve drinks.
Ahmad HaikalAhmad Haikal
07:31 29 Apr 22
I ordered zinger burger and its the worst burger ever, its like eating flour.
Samat TalibSamat Talib
11:55 20 Apr 22
The best burger joint in Perlis
Irfanah NazarIrfanah Nazar
12:00 14 Jan 22
Ordered a double beef mac n cheese burger. Honestly, the burger is overrated. The mac n cheese tasted bland. So better not order anything with mac n cheese. The patties are not bad.However, very slow service, and very rude workers. I waited in the car as they said it would take at least half an hour. And when it was done, apparently they just shouted from the counter to notify me, and when I did not hear it, they just left my order at the counter until I went and inquired after 45 mins! And when asked about it, the worker was very rude! My car was parked right in front of the shop, they could've sent it to the car,or at least came closer to notify me instead of just shouting from the counter.Definitely will not recommend this place ❌❌❌

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