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At Jojo Little Kitchen, you can choose from many tasty foods. They have snacks, combos, beverages, and our favorite items. They also have healthy salads with fresh veggies and yummy sandwiches with fillings. And remember their sweet treats like chocolate chip cookies and creamy ice cream for dessert. There’s something yummy for everyone at Jojo Little Kitchen!


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Frequently Asked Questions


NO. Jojo Little Kitchen Malaysia is not Halal Certified.

What types of food does Jojo Little Kitchen offer?

Jojo Little Kitchen offers a variety of delicious foods including Traditional Pan Mee, Iced White Coffee, Fried Pork Pan Mee Set, Fried Fish Cake. 

Are there options for vegetarians at Jojo Little Kitchen?

Jojo Little Kitchen offers vegetarian options such as salads with fresh veggies and sandwiches with veggie fillings.

Final Words

“Jojo Little Kitchen serves up tasty treats like Traditional Pan Mee and Iced White Coffee. Don’t miss out on their Fried Pork Pan Mee Set and scrumptious Fried Fish Cake.These dishes are my absolute favorites and are guaranteed to delight your taste buds. You won’t be disappointed; it’s a culinary experience you won’t forget. Come taste the magic at Jojo Little Kitchen today!”


Have you tried Jojo Little Kitchen Fried Pan Mee? —— This Malaysian restaurant serves all things Pan Mee/Ban Mian/Hakka Flat Noodle! Definitely my go to spot and it tastes like the Jojo’s we have back home in Malaysia! 🇲🇾 🍝 Fried Pan Mee 🍜 Lor Pan Mee (Braised Hakka Flat Noodles) 🥟 Fried Century Egg Dumplings 🐖 Fried Pork 🫖 3 Colour Tea 🥛 Soy Milk Cincau (Grass Jelly) 🎋 Sugarcane ✨ Peach Gum Dessert Highly recommend their fried pan mee! Filled with wok hei, generous portions and that sunny side up egg on the top with pork crackling is to die for! The lor pan mee is also such a comforting dish during cold weather! 🏷️ Don’t forget the fried pork and make sure to try out their dessert and drinks to finish off! 📍 Fulton Lane & QV Food Court . . . . . . . . #melbournefood #melbournefoodphotographer #melbourne #melbourneeats #foodphotography #melbournefoodie #melbournefoodblog #melbournerestaurant #sonya7iv #malaysian #malaysianfood #panmee #malaysianfoodie #melbournemalaysianfood

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Jojo Little Kitchen Menu Reviews

Luke LeeLuke Lee
15:35 03 Jan 24
Very tasty comfort food. Quaint Lil shop that has all the old school vibes. However, request to add your own amount of chili as their chili is really super spicy! I made the mistake of just ordering their signature chili ban mian, and I was literally on fire.
KX LeeKX Lee
01:58 18 Dec 23
Jojo's CPM remains my top choice (beating out super kitchen, kin kin, etc). The flavors of this branch remain consistent, dried chilli is top notch with a very nice heat and slight sweetness. There is unlimited chilli as of 17 Dec.I do think that the price is a bit high nowadays (on par with the other chains) at rm13+ a bowl, but that's inflation for you I guess.Payment methods are TnG and cash, no cards. Suggest to park along the road outside as finding parking near the shoplots can be tough.
Grace WGrace W
03:48 17 Nov 23
Food used to be very good and I used to like their Knife Cut Noodle soup very much. Lately, their soup is bland and tasteless.The lady staff even got my order wrong and scolded us when we pointed out her mistake. I ordered a prawn dumpling pan mee and she gave me century egg dumpling pan mee instead. She was rude and unapologetic. Horrible experience. Luckily the male staff was more polite and rectified immediately. The two female waitresses (foreigner) which were both stuck up and not willing to work should be replaced immediately.
Tony ChanTony Chan
05:06 09 Aug 23
If not for the "black face" of the waitress, I would have given this venue a 5 star. Management please advise service with a smile for your staff.The soup of the pan mee is excellent and full of umami. The noodle also right texture. The fried wonton was really crispy as it uses the thin wrap rather than the thick ones.CASH ONLY restaurant. In this day and age, this has to be the recalcitrant few or the calculative management.
Gavin PangGavin Pang
01:25 11 May 23
I really enjoyed the soup pan mee. I ordered the one with century egg dumplings. The soup was so delicious. The torn noodles was just the right proportion and portion. The dumplings were good. The anchovies were thick and crispy and salty as it should. I would come again to try other menu items.

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