Yilo Menu Price Malaysia (Updated 2024)

Yilo Menu Price Malaysia (Update 2024)

Welcome to Yilo Menu Malaysia, where delicious flavors and expert cooking meet. The diversified menu offers a delectable symphony of cuisine, ensuring that every guest can discover something they like. Tempting appetizers, hearty main courses, and rich desserts are just the beginning of what you can expect from an extraordinary dining experience at Yilo.

Yilo has numerous outlets all around Malaysia, so you can visit one in Rimbayu, Sri Damansara, SS15, SS23, Gamuda, Rawang, or any of the other places you can find them. You may enjoy a memorable meal in each of these venues thanks to their distinct ambiance. Whether you’re a novice chef or not, Yilo welcomes you to indulge in their meticulously crafted, flavorful cuisine. Come to Yilo, where the history of our food is just as interesting as the flavors it showcases.

Yilo Menu Malaysia 2024

Yilo Malaysia Menu can be categorized as:

Yilo Noodles Menu With Price

DishesPrice In MYR
Beef Kuey Teow w/ Raw Egg18.15
Signature Hokkien Bee Hoon18.15
Signature Hokkien Mee18.15
Fried Bee Hoon w/ Dried Shrimp & Cabbage15.70
Seafood Bee Hoon Soup21.75
Deep-Fried Pork Belly w/ Wanton Noodle19.30

Yilo Rice Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Sweet & Sour Pork Rice15.70
Huo Bao Pork Rice17.00
Kung Pao Chicken Rice15.71
Ginger & Spring Onion Beef Rice18.15

Menu Yilo Vegetables Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Stir Fry Cabbage w/ Dried Shrimp26.18
Spicy Braised Eggplant27.45
Garlic Stir Fried Vegetables26.18
Fu Yung Omelet19.93
Preserved Egg21.20
Stir Fry Water Spinach in Douchi Dace26.18
Chinese Spinach Soup w/ Century Egg26.18

Yilo Menu Beef Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Ginger & Spring Onion Beef44.94
Black Pepper Beef44.94

Yilo Seafood Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Fried Prawn w/ Soy Sauce49.93
Creamy Butter Sauce w/ Prawn44.94
Signature Curry w/ Prawn49.93
Butter Squid47.38
Spicy Douchi Squid47.38
Thai Style Fried Sotong47.38
Sizzling Grilled Squid Tentacles in Sambal Sauce47.38
Clams w/ Soup32.44
Sauce Fried Clams32.44
Kam Heong Lala32.44

Yilo Tofu Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Mapo Tofu28.73
Salted Fish & Minced Pork Tofu28.73

Menu Yilo Special Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Mongolian Chicken Chop26.59
Roasted Pork27.88
Kam Heong Spicy Clams21.73
Thai Sauce Chicken Chop21.73
Egg Floss Butter Chicken38.58
Stir-Fried Beef w/ Pepper27.88
Crispy Salty Squid38.58
Tofu w/ Minced Meat19.29
Dried Shrimp Cabbage14.42

Yilo Restaurant & Bar Snacks Prices

DishesPrice In MYR
Octopus w/ Special Spicy Sauce24.20
Crispy Chicken Wings21.75
Deep-Fried Nam Yu Pork Belly20.45
Salt & Pepper Whitebait19.50

Our Favorite Items Of Yilo Menu

DishesPrice In MYR
Seafood Bee Hoon Soup21.75
Sweet & Sour Pork Rice15.70
Crispy Chicken Wings21.75
Egg Floss Butter Chicken38.58

Contact Yilo Malaysia

NameYilo Menu
CategoryChinese Food
Delivery OptionsFoodpanda, Grabfood
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Yilo restaurant halal in Malaysia?

No, Yilo restaurant is not halal in Malaysia.

How is Yilo’s Malaysian cuisine different from others?

The creative and varied food of Yilo distinguishes it in Malaysia. Our menu features classic dishes and more modern takes on old classics, so it should satisfy most palates.

What are some of Yale’s most famous dishes?

True, Yilo has a few specialties that really show off our culinary skills. At Yilo, we take pride in our creative and handcrafted specialty offerings, which range from delectable appetizers to rich sweets.

What are the opening hours of the Yilo restaurant?

The opening hours of the Yilo restaurant during the week are Monday To Sunday  11:00 AM –  12:00 PM.

Final Word

For a wide variety of tasty foods, check out Yilo’s Menu Malaysia. The easy-to-read alternatives make it accessible to graduate students. Indulge in a fast and delightful meal at one of our outlets, strategically positioned for your convenience. At Yilo, flavor meets simplicity.

Yilo Menu Malaysia Location and Opening Hours



23, Jalan SS 23/15, Taman Sea, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening Hours:

Monday To Sunday  11:00 AM –  12:00 PM

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